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Newbie post!

Hey all!  My name is Cass (obviously) and I "work" for a nonprofit, no kill animal rescue in Indiana called Rescue Farm.  We pull animals from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control who get over 30,000 animals a year.  They euthenize about 100 animals a day and we have a huge turnover rate so luckily we're able to pull most of the adoptable animals before their time is up!  They also get confiscations like dog fighting dogs, extreme hoarding cases, etc.  along with strays, etc.
You wouldn't believe the type of animals we get.  This is the pound and we get these incredible exotic, purebred, and sometime just mutty (which are my favorite personally) cats and dogs. 
Anyways, onto my herd.

This is Deuce and Ace.
To read on how they came into my life click
Ace came into my life after the cat I grew up with, a Balinese named Diddles, passed away from digestive issues.

She only lived to be about 8 or 9, pretty young in kitty years.
When I finally decided I needed another cat to fill the whole in my heart left by her passing, my mom had this crazy idea to get a boy because she said they were "more lap cats".  I had to have another siamese type and we had to have a kitten because my mom's dogs (an aussie and a chow) are neurotic and would eat an adult.  It was winter and we couldn't find a siamese mix kitten to save our lives on petfinder.  I was so discouraged.  I went against my will and soul and found a woman who bred them and just had a litter.  I was a little uneasy about it because I'm always adoption first and then good breeder, but really, I'd rather go no breeder and just wait.  But it was an akward time and I don't know, I just made a stupid decision. Ugh.  The other cat we had besides Diddles I rescued from these idiots in a trailer park who were putting the kittens in a microwave!  The cruelty of people, it's unbelievable.  But I've seen worse since then.  
Anyways, she was a good breeder.  Her female lived in the house with her and was the ladies pride and joy.  Talk about spoiled.  Ridiculous.  The male lived with her daughter, who was a vet and she'd only been bred once before and this was her last litter.
We got there and I took 3 other people with me.  They handed us all one, two seal points, two blue points.  HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE?  I decided that the one she handed me must have been fate and I took him.
Oh my god, it was not fate.  It was the animal rescue god saying "I told you so".  He was the meanest, nastiest kitten ever.  We had a countdown to when we were going to get him declawed.  We don't declaw usually if it's just furniture or something they're shredding, but Ace shredded US.  I have so many scars from his kittenhood.  He peed on my fiances head when he was 10 weeks old.  He was a monster!  And still is.  But I love him unconditionally because I'm the type of person that keeps a vicious hateful dog or cat their whole lives and love them anyways whereas most people would just take them to a shelter or put them down.  Nope, not us.  

Ace was a monster, like any Siamese times 100 (he now uses his back claws to shred us and bites, HARD) and we decided he needed to get him a friend.  So I knew I had to make up for being stupid and buying a cat who ended up being a nasty monster from a breeder so I adopted a runt, half bald black kitten from a rescue (the one I now volunteer for) that was the only black cat in a litter of siamese.  Black cats are always picked last so I knew I'd be doing some justice by getting a black cat.
Figures, he's the sweetest thing ever and did not have to be declawed.  He's a darling and I paid $60 for him and he was already neutered.  I paid $175 for Ace and he wasn't.  Figures...

Anyways, I love both of them, Ace especially, even though he's a jerk because he did mean the world to me in a time where I was really upset, scars or not!

My fiance and I got our first dog (Elwood) of our own this past May, he's in my icon.  He chases the cats (in a nice way!), Deuce loves it, but Ace hates him.  Big suprise, Ace doesn't even like me.
Look at our cats.  We have some amazing ones right now who all came from the pound!  Can you believe it!?

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it's very depressing to hear of cats being declawed, but it sounds like this was an extreme case. next time, just try softpaws nail caps.
Good rescue organization - I stopped by the site. And yes, black animals get a needless bad rap, which is why when my stray dog turned up one sunny Sunday, black as midnight, but not a mean bone anywhere in her, I kept her.
Her name is Sunny, after her temperment, and the day she turned up, not her color. She's a good little buddy.
I've had very good success treating aggression problems in my cats using Rescue Remedy. They have two water sources - one with the Rescue Remedy drops and one from an aerated pump. The Rescue Remedy bowl always empties first.