Ugly Shyla (uglyshyla) wrote in cats_and_kin,
Ugly Shyla


I adopted this kitty his name is Manxy not to long ago when a friend of mine rescued him and his brothers from a trash dumpster where somebody left them to die as babies.My 3 legged kitty Scooter passed away from Cancer so I figured I could do with another missing part cat around the house :P
I was wondering if he's a Manx or a Pixibob?My friend who I adopted him from is pretty sure he's a Manx,but I didn't know if it counts as a pure manx just because it doesn't have a tail or what?
As you can see from his photos he has just a little puff for a tail,and because of that I was also wondering being as he only has a few vertebra for a tail if there is anything health wise I need to watch out for,like spinal or leg probs ect?I adore the little fellow to death and this is my friend time having a Manx or whatever in the world he is :P So I wanted to know if there is anything I need to be on the look out for health wise for the little guy.
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though he may be a manx or pixiebob, often times if you didn't pay a lot for the cat, hes just a regular cat born without a tail.
Without the papers, it's really impossible to say. We have a cat who vets, cat breeders and others have all swore is pure-bred Siamese and yet we also own both his parents who are striped tabby cats. they just happened to both have Himalayan fathers and it mixed out to make our Siamese look-a-like. It's possible there is Manx in his lineage to make him look it or that he was just born without a tail. Though something else to keep in mind, it's not too likely that if he were a pure-bred that the owners would have thrown them away like that.